What’s All This, Then?

Hello. Welcome. Please come in. Make yourself at home and feel free to loosen or remove any tight clothing.

You’re now fully inside Inedible Reading, a restaurant review website with a difference. Actually, there are lots of things that separate us from normal food blogs. And here are just a┬ásome of them:

  • All eateries covered will be in the Berkshire town of Reading, Berkshire.
  • We only review cheap, shitty places.
  • There will be no real insight or useful information provided.
  • Our dedicated team of reviewers are at best only ambivalent about food and food writing.

Inedible Reading Writes

PLEASE NOTE: Due to the very real risk of heart disease, bowel cancer and suicide, we won’t be attempting a ‘comprehensive’ run down of all the awful places to eat in RG1. That would be too depressing to contemplate. Instead, think of us as more of an occasional visitor to your life. Like an old school friend, estranged father or repressed childhood memory.

For a more frequently updated Thames Valley-based review website, head over to our regrettably-titled pub review website, Shit & Not Shit Pubs in Reading.